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Mr Miacca

mr miaccaMr Miacca is an English folktale of the type, where adults tell stories of imaginary beings to frighten children into being good. In the story, a boy does something wrong twice and finds himself about to be cooked for Mr Miacca’s dinner. He gets away the first time by tricking Mrs Miacca, but the second time Mr Miacca has other ideas.

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(n: bogyman pl bogymen) An imaginary monster or bad person, used by adults or older children to frighten bad children into good behavior. 12000

Edward and Charles

rowboat under treeThis story by early 19th century children’s writer follows the common “lesson about life” plot of two brothers who are very different. Edward behaves badly and is suitably punished when his father hears about it. Charles, on the other hand, is almost unbearably good and finds himself well rewarded.

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The author Elizabeth Semple (who also wrote under the pen-name Dame Truelove) is an enigma. We are all used to finding almost any information we want through search engines these days. So how (as of October, 2014) could someone who published at least ten children's books in the early 19th century not have any kind of biographical information on the Internet? The only reason I can think of is that it was a very powerful person of yet another name who wanted to hide the fact that they were the writer. If any of our readers can shed any light on this, I would love to hear from you.

Do What You Can

do what you canThis very short children’s story is about a raindrop. It sees a farmer having a bad day and decides to bring him a moment of happiness. Although published in a book of stories meant to be read to preschool children, the story has a powerful message for people of all ages… how a single act of kindness can sometimes make a big difference.

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Sweet Porridge

sweet porridgeIn this folktale (also known as “The Magic Porridge Pot”), a poor but good little girl looking for something to eat is given a magic pot by a kind old woman. When someone said some special words, the pot cooked sweet porridge. The only problem was that special words were also needed to make the pot stop cooking. There are a number of other folktales with similar themes, as well as a poem which inspired a short piece of orchestral music that has since become famous thanks to a 1940 Disney movie.

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The Best Thing for a King

the best thing for a kingOur first Children’s story is specially written for Beginner level learners. It tells of an aging king who sends his three sons out into the world to bring back the best thing they can find to give to a king. The winner gets to be the next king, as well as to keep the things that his brothers bring back. Can you guess what the winning thing will be?

This story is very useful for lower level readers because it contains all of the important . Children’s stories are a great way to learn these words because they usually appear more often than in other kinds of writing. Over 80% of the words in this story are forms of Dolch Sight Words.

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(n: Dolch Sight Words) Way back in 1936, researcher Dr Edward Dolch came up with a list of 220 "service words" that are essential for children to recognize immediately in order to achieve reading fluency. These words, many of which cannot be 'sounded out', normally represent over 50% of any given text. Because the most basic vocabulary of the English language has not changed over the years, this list is still commonly used today as a basis for teaching early stage reading.