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The Pig That Went to Market

the pig that went to marketThis children’s story by Enid Blyton tells of a man who is so forgetful that he is always leaving his kitchen door open. His pig takes advantage of this and spends most of its time sitting inside in front of the fire. One day the man finds that he has no money, and decides that selling the pig is a much better idea than working for a living. However, his forgetfulness causes him all sorts of problems in taking the pig to market. And when he finally does get it there, he receives a beating for his trouble. In the end, he decides that it might be easier to keep the pig and get a job.

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Edward and Charles

rowboat under treeThis story by early 19th century children’s writer follows the common “lesson about life” plot of two brothers who are very different. Edward behaves badly and is suitably punished when his father hears about it. Charles, on the other hand, is almost unbearably good and finds himself well rewarded.

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The author Elizabeth Semple (who also wrote under the pen-name Dame Truelove) is an enigma. We are all used to finding almost any information we want through search engines these days. So how (as of October, 2014) could someone who published at least ten children's books in the early 19th century not have any kind of biographical information on the Internet? The only reason I can think of is that it was a very powerful person of yet another name who wanted to hide the fact that they were the writer. If any of our readers can shed any light on this, I would love to hear from you.