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Donkey Skin

donkey skinThe lessons taught by many folktales are just as important today as they were hundreds of years ago. Donkey Skin deals with sexual in the form of . A powerful king wants to marry his daughter, as this is the only way he can keep a promise he made to his dying wife. Fortunately, the brave girl and her fairy godmother have other ideas. I find it interesting that the king’s actions are shown to be wrong, but there seems to be no problem with a handsome prince who thinks it is OK to women through key holes.

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abuse(v: abuse, abuses, abused, abusing) 1. To treat (a person or animal) in a bad or harmful way. He physically abused his wife. 2. To use or treat (something) wrongly or in a way that causes damage. Alcohol abuse is bad for you. 3. To attack (someone) in words; to insult or speak roughly to. The fans were abusing the referee. 2000

paternal(adj: paternal) Of or relating to a father. He offered them some paternal [=fatherly] advice. 13000

(n: incest, noncount) Sexual intercourse between people who are too closely related to marry, as between a parent and child or brother and sister. 5000

spy on(phrasal verb: spy on) To watch (someone) secretly. He spies on his neighbors. Have you been spying on me? (เฝ้าดูอย่างลับ ๆ)

How Suan Became Rich

how suan became richIn this Tagalog folktale from the Philippines a poor man named Suan asks a rich friend if he has a pole so that he can build himself a house. Some adventures begin when Suan’s house turns out to be bigger than that of his friend. In the end, the roles are d and Suan becomes the richest man in town.

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(adj: spare, sparer, sparest) 1. Not needed by you and available to be shared or given to someone else. Do have any spare cash/change? (ว่าง) 2. [of time etc] Available to be used in whatever way you want. He likes to read in his spare time. (ยามว่าง) 2000

(v: reverse, reverses, reversed, reversing) 1. To move backwards or in the opposite direction to normal. He reversed the car into the garage. 2. To put into the opposite position, state, order etc. My mother and I reversed our roles. Now I'm taking care of her. 3. To change a decision, rule etc to the exact opposite. He was originally found guilty, but the High Court reversed the decision. 2000

Cap O’ Rushes

cap o' rushesThe beginning of this folktale has been likened to that of Shakespeare’s King Lear. A rich man asks his daughters how much they love him. One answers in a way that he doesn’t understand, making him think she doesn’t love him. He throws her out of the house, which leads to some “Cinderella-like” adventures. There is no magic fairy godmother in this story, but the girl still manages to turn her bad luck into a “happily ever after” type of ending.

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