The Pixie in the Pond

pixie in the pondOften in children’s stories we read of terrible things about to happen to a boy or girl who doesn’t do as their parents say. In this story by Enid Blyton we have a too good to be true pixie child who always s his mother, even though it may stop him having fun. It is a good story for younger children and learning English, but doesn’t offer much excitement for older readers.

Elementary Vocabulary Help / Exercises

The words and expressions in our Elementary level Simplified English story which are not in our 800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

General Comments on the Story

enid blyton holiday bookOur source for the story was a 1946 children’s book called “The Enid Blyton Holiday Book”, which appears to be the only book by this writer currently available in the . It can be downloaded in various forms from the Internet Archive here.

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(v: obey, obeys, obeyed, obeying) To do what someone tells you to do or what a rule, law, etc., says you must do. (เชื่อฟัง) 5000
The opposite of obey (to not do what you are told to do) is 'disobey'.

blow(v: blow, blows, blew, blown, blowing) 1. [of a current of air] To be moving. The wind blew more strongly. (พัด) 2. To cause air or something carried by air to move. Please blow into this tube! (เป่า)
(n: blow pl blows) 1. A hard hit using a part of the body or an object. He delivered a blow to the head. (การตี) 2. A sudden event that causes trouble, damage, sorrow, etc. Her husband's death was a terrible blow. (โชคร้ายโดยไม่คาดคิด) 1000

brave(adj: brave, braver, bravest) Feeling or showing no fear; not frightened. The boy was very brave and went out to fight the giant. (กล้า) 3000

bush(n: bush pl bushes) A plant that has stems of wood and is smaller than a tree. (พุ่มไม้)
(n: bush, noncount) In Australia and South Africa, the wild land far from cities and towns that still has the native trees and plants on it. (พื้นที่รกร้าง). 3000

dragonfly(n: dragonfly pl dragonflies) A large insect that has a long thin body and four wings and is often seen near water. (แมลงปอ) 11000

drown(v: drown, drowns, drowned, drowning) To die by being underwater too long and unable to breathe. Four people drowned in the flood. She fell in the river and drowned. 3000

lonely(adj: lonely, lonelier, loneliest) 1. Sad from being apart from others. He felt lonely without his wife and children. (หงอยเหงา) 2. Not visited by or traveled on by many people. A lonely country road. (ไม่มีคนอยู่)
(n: loneliness, noncount) The quality or state of feeling lonely. (ความเหงา) 3000

mud(n: mud, noncount) Soft, wet dirt. His shoes were covered with mud. (โคลน) 3000

naughty(adj: naughty, naughtier, naughtiest) Behaving badly; used especially to describe a child who does not behave properly or obey a parent, teacher, etc. (ซุกซน) 2000

pixie(n: pixie or pixy pl pixies) An imaginary creature that looks like a small person, has magical powers, and likes to play tricks on people. (ภูตฝรั่ง; ตัวเล็กกว่ามนุษย์) 10000

pond(n: pond pl ponds) An area of water that is surrounded by land and is smaller than a lake. The boy sailed his toy boat across the pond. (บ่อน้ำ) 3000

reed(n: reed pl reeds) A tall, thin grass that grows in wet areas. There were reeds along the edge of a pond. (ต้นไม้จำพวกอ้อหรือกก) 5000

roots(n: root pl roots) A part of a plant that grows underground, gets water from the ground, and holds the plant in place. Elm trees have shallow roots. Pull weeds up by the roots so that they don't grow back. 2000

splash(v: splash, splashes, splashed, splashing) 1. To make (someone or something) wet with drops of liquid, mud etc, especially suddenly and accidentally. A passing car splashed my coat (with water). (กระเด็นเปื้อน) 2. To (cause to) fly about in drops. Water splashed everywhere. (กระเด็น) 3. To cause (water or another liquid) to move in a noisy way or messy way; to fall or move with splashes. The children were splashing in the sea. (กระทุ่มน้ำ) 3000

police whistlinggirl whistling(n: whistle pl whistles) A device through which air or steam is forced to produce a very high and loud sound. The policeman blew his whistle. (นกหวีด)
(v: whistle, whistles, whistled, whistling) 1. To produce a very high, often musical, sound by forcing air through your lips or teeth. He whistled a happy tune. (ผิวปาก) 2. To make such a sound with a whistle or by passing quickly through the air. The bullet whistled past his head. (ทำให้เกิดเสียงหวีดหวิว) 3. (of the wind) To blow with such a sound. (พัดให้เกิดเสียงหวีดหวิว) 3000

(n: public domain, singular) The state of something that is not owned by a particular person or company and is available for anyone to use. (ที่ดินของรัฐ สาธารณสมบัติ)

e-book(n: e-book pl e-books) A book whose contents are in an electronic format so that it can be downloaded and read.

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