The Giving Tree

the giving treeThis short children’s story by Shel Silverstein is one that people seem to either love or hate depending on their point of view. A boy is friends with a tree. The tree keeps on giving to the boy until it has nothing left to give. The boy does not give anything to the tree or even say thank you. You are left wondering if the closing line “And the tree was happy.” could possibly be true.

English Learner Vocabulary Help

The words and expressions in our Simplified English story which are not in our Elementary Level 800 word list are: , , , , and .

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branch(n: branch pl branches) An arm-like part of a tree that grows out from the central part. 2000

shade(n: shade, noncount) An area of slight darkness that is produced when something blocks the light of the sun. 2000

stump(n: stump pl stumps) The part of a tree left in the ground after the trunk has been cut down. (ตอไม้) 5000

swing(v: swing, swings, swung, swinging) 1. To move backward and forward or from side to side while hanging from something. The children were swinging on a rope hanging from a tree. 2. To (cause to) move or sway in a curve (from side to side, forwards and backwards or up and down) from a fixed point. You swing your arms when you walk. The gate swung open. (แกว่ง) 3000

(n: trunk pl trunks) 1. The thick main stem of a tree from which the branches grow. (ลำต้น) 2. A large strong box that can be locked and used for holding clothes or other things, especially when traveling. (หีบใส่ของ) 3. The long nose of an elephant. (งวงช้าง) 4000

tree trunk wardrobe trunk elephant trunk
A short (9 minute) animated video in which the original story is read by the author, Shel Silverstein. To watch online, click here. To download the mp4, click here.

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