Lazy Jack

lazy jackThis English , which is told here in the form of a Children’s Story, is about a boy (Jack) who isn’t very bright and doesn’t like the idea of work. However, thanks to faithfully following the advice of his mother, he ends up marrying a rich girl and, one imagines, never having to work again. Possible s? For children: Always do what your parents tell you and you will have a happy life. For parents: Teach your children to work hard and they will take care of you in your old age. For the rich girl: Sometimes laughter is the best medicine of all.

Elementary Vocabulary Help

The words and expressions in our Simplified English version of the story which are not in our Elementary Level 800 word list are: , , , , and .

General Comments on the Story

english fairy talesOur source for the story was a children’s book called English Fairy Stories by Australian folktale collector Joseph Jacobs, first published in 1890. The book can be downloaded in various forms from Project Gutenberg here. An is available from Librivox here.

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folktale(n: folktale pl folktales) A story that is part of the traditions of a group of people and was handed down in spoken form before books and printing. 9000

moral(n: moral pl morals) The lesson to be learned from something that happens or from a story. (เรื่องสอนใจ)
(adj: moral) Concerning what is right and wrong in human behavior. A moral person is always does what they believe to be the right thing to do. (ทางศีลธรรม) 2000

cheese(n: cheese pl cheeses) A yellow or white solid food that is made from milk. 2000

donkey(n: donkey pl donkeys) An animal that is like a small horse with large ears, commonly used for carrying things. 5000

lazy(adj: lazy, lazier, laziest) Not liking to work hard or to be active. (เกียจคร้าน) 3000

scratch(n: scratch pl scratches) A shallow and narrow cut in the skin or a surface caused by something sharp. (รอยขีดข่วน)
(v: scratch, scratches, scratched, scratching) 1. To make a line in a surface or object by rubbing or cutting it with a sharp point. (ข่วน; ขีด) 2. To rub your skin with something sharp to stop an itch. (เกา) 3000

shoulder(n: shoulder pl shoulders) The part of your body below the neck where your arm is connected. (บ่า) 2000

e-book(n: e-book pl e-books) A book whose contents are in an electronic format so that it can be downloaded and read.

audiobook(n: audiobook pl audiobooks) A book that is read out loud and recorded on a CD or as a computer file so that it can be listened to.

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