A Good Man is Hard to Find

a good man is hard to findFlannery O’Connor is a master at coming up with stories in which almost every main character has some kind of flaw. In this story, it is hard to like any of the dysfunctional family of six (except maybe the baby!) as they cruise down Highway 441. When their car overturns into a ditch beside a deserted road, they attract the attention of a crazed killer who calls himself “The Misfit”. As the rest of the family are being murdered, the grandmother tries to convince the Misfit that deep inside he is one of those hard to find men.

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The words and expressions in our Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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bald(adj: bald, balder, baldest) Having no hair or very little hair on the head. He is losing his hair; soon he will be bald. 5000

candle(n: candle pl candles) Wax that has been formed into a stick or another shape and has a string in the middle that can be burned to give light. 3000

cash register(n: cash register pl cash registers) A machine used in a store, restaurant, etc., that calculates the amount of cash due for a sale and has a drawer for holding money.

ceiling(n: ceiling pl ceilings) The inside surface at the top of a room. 3000

(n: column pl columns) 1. A long post made of wood, steel, stone, etc., that is used as a support in a building. The front of the building had beautiful marble columns. 2. A group of printed or written items (such as numbers or words) shown one under the other down a page. Add the first column of numbers. 3. A vertical section of a page of print. The book has two columns per page. 3000

building columns number columns

comic(n: comic pl comics) A book made up of sequences of drawings telling a story. 4000

counter(n: counter pl counters) A piece of furniture with a flat top that workers and customers stand on opposite sides of when doing business. 2000

(n: crack pl cracks) 1. A split or break in something that creates lines in its surface but does not separate it into pieces. (รอยแตก) 2. A sudden loud, sharp sound, such as when ice breaks or lightning strikes. (เสียงแตกเปรี้ยง)
(v: crack, cracks, cracked, cracking) 1. To make or cause a crack in something. The mirror cracked when she dropped it. (แตกร้าว) 2. To hit or press (something) so hard that it breaks apart or opens suddenly. He cracked open the eggs. (กะเทาะออก) 3. [of a voice] To change sharply in tone or pitch, especially because of strong emotion. Her voice cracked as she told them about the accident. 2000

cracked cup cracking eggs

curse(v: curse, curses, cursed, cursing) 1. To wish or say magic words so that trouble or bad luck may fall upon someone or something. 2. To use bad or violent language; to swear.
(n: curse pl curses) Something or someone believed to bring trouble or bad luck. 4000

delight(v: delight, delights, delighted, delighting) 1. To please greatly. I was delighted by the good news. 2. To have or take great pleasure from something. He delights in beating me at chess.
(n: delight pl delights) A strong feeling of happiness.
(adj: delightful) Causing delight. 2000

ditch(n: ditch pl ditches) A long narrow hollow that is dug along a road, field, etc. and used to hold or move water. He climbed over the fence and fell into a ditch. 3000

dot(n: dot pl dots) A small round mark. Put a dot over the "i". The dots on the map represent cities. 2000

embarrass(v: embarrass, embarrasses, embarrassed, embarrassing) To make (a person, group, government, etc.) feel foolish, self-conscious or ashamed about something. 2000

fist(n: fist pl fists) A tightly closed hand, with its fingers bent down into the palm. 4000

flea(n: flea pl fleas) A very small blood-sucking insect that lives on animals and that has strong legs used for jumping. The dog has fleas. 6000

(n: grave pl graves) A piece of ground, or the hole dug in it, in which a dead person is buried.
(adj: grave, graver, gravest) To look serious and formal in what you are doing. 4000

grave grave look.jpg

graveyard(n: graveyard pl graveyards) A piece of ground where the bodies of dead people are buried; a cemetery. 5000

motel(n: motel pl motels) A place that is next to a road and that has rooms for people to stay in, especially when they are traveling by car. 13000
The rooms of a motel are usually reached directly from an outdoor parking lot.

(n: negro pl negroes) An old-fashioned word for a person who has dark skin and who belongs to a race of people who are originally from Africa. 12000
As this word can be offensive, we only use it where we feel that it is important to the meaning of a story.

(n: nigger pl niggers) A very offensive racist word for a person who has dark skin and belongs to a race of people who are originally from Africa. 7000
As this word is very offensive, we only use it where we feel that it is important to the meaning of a story.

pale(adj: pale, paler, palest) Having a skin color that is closer to white than is usual or normal, either because it is your natural color or you are sick or scared at the time. 3000

parrot(n: parrot pl parrots) A bright-colored tropical bird that has a curved bill and can be taught to imitate speech. 5000

pave(v: pave, paves, paved, paving) To cover [a street, path etc] with a material such as stone, tar, or concrete to form a hard, level surface for walking, driving, etc. 3000

(n: pickaninny pl pickaninnies) A very offensive word for a young child who has dark skin and belongs to a race of people who are originally from Africa.
As this word is very offensive, we only use it where we feel that it is important to the meaning of a story.

punish(v: punish, punishes, punished, punishing) To make someone suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong.
(n: punishment pl punishments) The act or way of making someone suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong. 3000

remind(v: remind, reminds, reminded, reminding) 1. To tell or cause someone to remember that there is something he or she ought to do, remember etc. 2. To cause someone to remember or think of something etc. 2000

rubbing(v: rub, rubs, rubbed, rubbing) To move something [such as your hand or an object] back and forth along the surface of something else while pressing. 2000

sigh(v: sigh, sighs, sighed, sighing) To take in and let out a long, loud breath in a way that shows you are bored, disappointed, unhappy, relieved, etc. 4000

signature(n: signature pl signatures) A person's name written in that person's handwriting. There is a place for your signature at the bottom of the form. 3000

slip(v: slip, slips, slipped, slipping) To slide accidentally and lose one's balance or footing. (ลื่นไถล) 2000

in spite of(phrase: in spite of) Without being prevented by; despite. Used to say that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it from happening or being true. 2000
(phrase: in spite of myself) Used to say that you do or feel something even though you do not want or expect to do or feel it. I ended up having a good time in spite of myself.

squat(v: squat, squats, squatted, squatting) To bend your knees and lower your body so that you are close to your heels or sitting on your heels. He squatted behind the bush to avoid being seen. (นั่งยอง ๆ) 5000

stare(v: stare, stares, stared, staring) To look at someone or something directly for a long time without moving your eyes, often with eyes wide open. She was staring out the window. (จ้องมอง) 3000
To 'stare' can suggest looking at someone or something in a rude way because you think they are strange or shocking. Don't stare at people, it's not polite. A word with a similar meaning, 'gaze' suggests looking steadily at someone or something while being deep in thought. She gazed lovingly into his eyes.

stock(n: stock pl stocks) 1. Certificates that make the people who buy them part owners of a company and which can be bought, sold, or traded as an investment. (หุ้น) 2. A store of goods in a shop, warehouse etc. Buy while stocks last! (คลังสินค้า) 2000

steal(v: steal, steals, stole, stolen, stealing) To take (something) from the owner in a way that is wrong or against the law. (ขโมย) 3000

stripe(n: stripe pl stripes) A long, narrow line of color. A zebra has black and white stripes. (แถบ; ริ้ว) 3000

sweat(n: sweat, noncount) The clear liquid given out through the skin when hot, scared or nervous. (เหงื่อ)
(v: sweats, sweated, sweating) To give out sweat through the skin. (ทำให้เหงื่อออก) 3000

sweatshirt(n: sweatshirt pl sweatshirts) A usually long sleeved piece of clothing for the upper part of your body that is made from a thick, soft material. (เสื้อกีฬาแขนยาวที่ใช้สวมทับกันหนาวหรือให้เหงื่อออก) 6000

tornado(n: tornado pl tornadoes) A very strong wind that covers a small area and moves in a spinning motion over the surface of the Earth and can damage buildings, trees, etc; a whirlwind. (พายุทอร์นาโด) 9000

tray(n: tray pl trays) A flat piece of wood, metal etc with a low edge, for carrying dishes etc. (ถาด) 4000

undertaker(n: undertaker pl undertakers) A person whose job is to prepare the dead for burial or cremation and arrange and manage funerals; funeral director. (สัปเหร่อ) 6000

vacation(n: vacation pl vacations) A period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel; a holiday. We had a restful vacation at the beach. (วันหยุด) 7000

watermelon(n: watermelon pl watermelons) A large, round fruit that has hard, green skin, sweet, red, juicy flesh, and black seeds. (แตงโม)

whip(n: whip pl whips) A long cord or piece of leather attached to a handle, used for driving horses and forcing farm animals to move or work. (แส้) 3000

wrinkle(n: wrinkle pl wrinkles) A small line or fold that appears on your skin as you grow older. (ริ้วรอย) 4000

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