Christmas Day in the Morning

christmas day in the morningIt is almost the season again, and this story by Pearl S. Buck tells how doing something special to show how much you love someone can be the greatest Christmas gift of all. An old man remembers a Christmas when, as a boy, he first learned how much his father loved him. He decided that the cheap tie he had bought his father was not good enough, and came up with another gift which they both remember for the rest of their lives.

English Learner Vocabulary Help

The words and expressions in our Elementary level Simplified English story which are not in our 800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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festive(adj: festive) 1. Cheerful and exciting; happy, as if celebrating or on holiday. She was in a festive mood. It was a festive occasion. 2. [British] Of or relating to Christmas. The festive season: the period immediately leading up to Christmas and ending just after New Year. 6000

barn(n: barn pl barns) A large farm building that is used for storing grain and hay and for housing farm animals or equipment. The farmer keeps his tractor in the barn. 3000

breathe(v: breathe, breathes, breathed, breathing) To move air into and out of your lungs; to inhale and exhale. He was breathing hard from running.
(phrasal verb: breathe deeply) To take a lot of air into your lungs. 3000

cans(n: can pl cans) A closed metal container for liquids and many types of food. A can of beer/food/oil.. 2. A large metal or plastic container that has a removable top and that is used for holding liquid, trash, etc. A milk/garbage/trash can. 3000

dad(n: dad pl dads; also daddy, daddies) [informal] A person's father Her mom and dad both said she can't go to the party. Often used as a form of address: Dad, can I borrow the car tonight? 1000

desk(n: desk pl desks) A piece of furniture, often like a table, for sitting at while writing, reading etc. She kept the pile of letters in a drawer in her desk. 2000

fool(n: fool pl fools) A person who does not have a good sense or judgment; a stupid or silly person.
(v: fool, fools, fooled, fooling) 1. To speak or act in a playful way. Stop fooling about! 2. To trick or deceive. She fooled me with her story. 2000

gift(n: gift pl gifts) Something that is given willingly, such as a present. They gave me a surprise gift on my birthday. 2000

habit(n: habit pl habits) A usual way of behaving; something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way, often without needing to think about it. She had a habit of biting her fingernails when she was nervous. 3000

hug(v: hug, hugs, hugged, hugging) 1. To put your arms around someone or something, especially as a way of showing love or friendship. 2. To be or stay very close to something. 6000

luck(n: luck, noncount) The things that happen when they are not planned or controlled by people; the state of happening by chance.
(adj: lucky, luckier, luckiest) 1. Used to describe someone who has good luck. 2. Used to describe someone or something that brings or causes good luck. 1000

pail(n: pail pl pails) An open container with a handle that is used especially to hold and carry water and other liquids; a bucket. 3000

pride(n: pride, noncount) A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one's achievements, possessions, family etc. She looked on with pride as her daughter graduated. 3000
(adj: proud, prouder, proudest) Feeling very happy and pleased because of something you have done, something you own, someone you know, etc. She felt very proud as her daughter graduated. 2000

sew(v: sew, sewed, sewn, sewing) To make or repair something [such as a piece of clothing] by using a needle and thread.
(n: sewing, noncount) 1. The act or process of sewing. I learned sewing at school. 2. Things that are used for sewing or that are being sewn. She took her sewing into the kitchen. 3000

stable(n: stable pl stables) A building in which large animals are kept. (คอก สัตว์) 5000

stairs(n: stair, singular) One of the steps in a set of stairs. He tripped on the bottom stair and almost fell.
(n: stairs, plural) A series of steps that go from one level or floor to another. She ran down the stairs. He waited at the foot/bottom of the stairs. ( บันได) 1000

stream(n: stream pl streams) 1. A natural flow of water that is smaller than a river. A stream flows through the field. (ลำธาร) 2. A steady, continuous flow of people or things. A stream of air//traffic/visitors, etc. (กระแส) 3000

wonderful(adj: wonderful) 1. So surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc. as to create a feeling of wonder. (อัศจรรย์) 2. Beautiful, excellent, etc. (งดงาม) 1000

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