The Loaded Dog

the loaded dogThis is one of the best known short stories by Henry Lawson, the great Australian poet and writer. It takes place in the late 1800s and involves three men and their big, lovable retriever pup. The men are working together digging for gold and like to go fishing in their free time. When the fish stop biting they decide to try to catch them by making a bomb and exploding it in the water. The pup picks up the the bomb, accidentally lights the fuse as he runs past the campfire, and has great fun chasing the men around the gold fields trying to give it back to them.

English Learner Vocabulary Help

The words and expressions in our Simplified English story which are not in our Intermediate Level 1800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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(n: bark pl barks) 1. The outer covering of a tree. 2. The loud sound made by a dog when it is angry or excited.
(v: bark, barks, barked, barking) 1. To make a loud sound like that made by a dog when it is angry or excited. The dog barked at the stranger. 2. To shout or say (something) in a loud and angry way. The captain barked orders to his men. 5000

tree bark barking dog

blasting powder(n: blasting powder, noncount) A special kind of explosive powder used for breaking up rock.

bucket(n: bucket pl buckets) An open container with a handle that is used especially to hold and carry water and other liquids; a pail. 3000

cattle(n: cattle, plural) A group of cows, bulls, or steers that are kept on a farm for meat or milk. 4000
(n: cattle-dog pl cattle-dogs) A special breed of dog developed in Australia for driving cattle over long distances across rough country.

creek(n: creek pl creeks) A small stream. 10000

fireworks(n: firework pl fireworks) A small device that explodes to make a display of light and noise, often used for entertainment at special events. 5000

fuse(n: fuse pl fuses) 1. A piece of easily-melted wire that causes electricity to stop flowing when a current becomes too strong. 2. A string that is connected to an explosive device (such as a bomb or firecracker) and that is set on fire to cause the device to explode. 4000

hissy(v: hiss, hisses, hissed, hissing) To make a sound like a long “s”, often used to show anger or displeasure. 7000

hop(v: hop, hops, hopped, hopping) 1. [of people] to jump on one leg. 2. [of certain small birds, animals and insects] to jump on both or all legs. 3000

injure(v: injure, injured, injured, injuring) To harm or damage someone or something.
(n: injury pl injuries) Damage to a person's or animal's body in an accident or attack. The motorcyclist received terrible injuries in the crash. 2000

layer(n: layer pl layers) A single thickness of a material that lies over or under another. 3000

melt(v: melt, melts, melted, melting) To [cause to] become soft or liquid, or to lose shape, usually by being heated. 3000

mongrel(n: mongrel pl mongrels) Something that is a cross between different breeds, groups, or varieties, especially a mixture that looks strange or unusual. Commonly used to talk about a dog with parents of different and possibly unknown kinds. 9000

poison(n: poison pl poisons) A substance that can cause people or animals to die or to become very sick if it gets into their bodies. 3000

prick(v: prick, pricks, pricked, pricking) To make a very small hole in something with a sharp pointed object. 5000

pup(n: pup pl pups) A young dog, especially one less than a year old [also called a puppy]; a young animal of certain other species [such as seals]. 5000

reins(n: rein pl reins) A piece of rope or leather used to guide and control an animal such as a horse when riding, driving a carriage, etc. 6000
Usually attached to a device [called a bridle] placed on the head of the animal.

retrieve(v: retrieve, retrieves, retrieved, retrieving) To get back something which was lost etc. 5000
(n: retriever pl retrievers) A dog trained to help hunters by finding and bringing back birds and small animals that have been shot.

sausage(n: sausage pl sausages) Spicy ground meat (such as pork) that is usually pushed tightly into a narrow tube of skin. 3000

scratch(n: scratch pl scratches) A shallow and narrow cut in the skin or a surface caused by something sharp.
(v: scratch, scratches, scratched, scratching) 1. To make a line in a surface or object by rubbing or cutting it with a sharp point. 2. To rub your skin with something sharp to stop an itch. 3000

sew(v: sew, sewed, sewn, sewing) To make or repair something [such as a piece of clothing] by using a needle and thread.
(n: sewing, noncount) 1. The act or process of sewing. I learned sewing at school. 2. Things that are used for sewing or that are being sewn. She took her sewing into the kitchen. 3000

sizzle(v: sizzles, sizzled, sizzling) To make a hissing sound like the sound water makes when it hits hot metal or the sound of bacon cooking in a pan. (ทำเสียง ซิด ๆ) 7000

slobber(v: slobber, slobbers, slobbered, slobbering) To let saliva or liquid flow from your mouth. (ทำ น้ำลายไหล) 7000

sniff(v: sniff, sniffs, sniffed, sniffing) To smell (something or someone) by putting your nose close to it and taking air in through your nose in short breaths. (สูดกลิ่น) 3000

stable(n: stable pl stables) A building in which large animals are kept. (คอก สัตว์) 5000

veranda(n: veranda or verandah pl verandas or verandahs) A long, open structure on the outside of a building that has a roof. Called a 'porch' in the U.S.A. (ระเบียง) 7000

yard(n: yard pl yards) 1. The area of ground around a house, usually covered with grass or plants. (สนาม) 2. An area of enclosed (fenced) ground used for a special purpose. (ลานบ้าน) 3. An old British unit of length equal to three feet or 0.9144 meters. (หลา) 2000

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