Man from the South

man from the southThis story by Roald Dahl is about , greed, and ““. A young man accepts what appears to be an easy to win bet. If he is successful, he will win an expensive car. If he loses, he must give up a body part. Many s suggest that the English girl is unimportant to the story. I disagree. We can see that the young man was at first unhappy with the bet. If he was alone at the time, he could well have walked away. But this is not what you would expect of a young sailor who is out to win a girl!

English Learner Vocabulary Help

The words and expressions in our Simplified English story which are not in our Intermediate Level 1800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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gambling(v: gamble, gambles, gambled, gambling) 1. To play a game in which you can win or lose money or other things you own. 2. To bet money or other valuable things on an outcome, such as a horse race. 3000

face(n: face pl faces) The front part of the head that has the eyes, nose, and mouth on it. His face is familiar but I can't remember his name.
(n: face, noncount) How other people see you; your level of respect in the eyes of others. 1000
(idiom: lose face) To cause other people to have less respect for you; to lose other people's respect.

(n: review pl reviews) A report that gives someone's opinion about the quality of a book, performance, product, etc. 4000

ashamed(adj: ashamed) Feeling bad about something that you have done or something that has happened to you. 3000
(adj: shameful) Something so bad that someone should feel ashamed about it.
(adj: shameless) Having done something shameful without feeling ashamed.

bounce(v: bounce, bounces, bounced, bouncing) 1. To move in one direction, hit a surface (such as a wall or the floor), and then quickly move in a different and usually opposite direction. 2. To move with a lot of energy and excitement. 3. To move or jump up and down. 3000

chopper(n: chopper pl choppers) A heavy knife with a wide blade used for cutting up large pieces of meat. Also called a meat cleaver. 9000

cigar(n: cigar pl cigars) A roll of tobacco leaves that is smoked, which is longer and thicker than a cigarette. 4000

coconut(n: coconut pl coconuts) A large fruit that grows on palm trees and has a thick shell with a white solid lining and clear liquid (called coconut milk) inside. 5000

(v: crackle, crackles, crackled, crackling) To make a series of short, sharp noises, like paper being crushed or a wood fire burning. 8000

crazy(adj: crazy, crazier, craziest) 1. Mentally ill; affected with madness or insanity. 2. Very foolish or unreasonable. 3000

fist(n: fist pl fists) A tightly closed hand, with its fingers bent down into the palm. 4000

flame(n: flame pl flames) The hot, yellow colored gas that can be seen when a fire is burning. 3000

freckle(n: freckle pl freckles) A small, brownish spot on someone's skin. 11000

grab(v: grab, grabs, grabbed, grabbing) To quickly take and hold [someone or something] with your hand or arms. 2000

hammer(n: hammer pl hammers) 1. A tool with a heavy metal head at one end, used for driving nails into wood, breaking things apart etc. 2. The part of a gun that strikes a bullet, causing the gun to shoot. 3000

hissy(v: hiss, hisses, hissed, hissing) To make a sound like a long “s”, often used to show anger or displeasure. 7000

maid(n: maid pl maids) A female servant, especially a woman or girl who does cleaning work in a house or hotel. 4000

martini(n: martini pl martinis) An alcoholic mixed drink made of vermouth and gin or vodka. 9000

nails(n: nail pl nails) A long, thin piece of metal that is sharp at one end and flat at the other end and that is used chiefly to attach things to wood. 2000

(n: palm pl palms) 1. The inside part of the hand between the wrist and the fingers. 2. A kind of tree which grows in hot countries and has a straight, tall trunk and many large leaves at the top. 3000

palm of hand palm tree

(n: pause pl pauses) A short period of time in which something stops or is stopped before starting again. 3000

referee(n: referee pl referees) A person whose job it is to make sure that players act according to the rules of a game or sport. 3000

spark(n: plural sparks) A small piece of burning material that comes from a fire or is produced by rubbing or hitting two hard objects together. (ประกายไฟ) 2. A short, bright flash of electricity between two points. (แสงวาบของไฟที่เกิดจากเครื่องใช้ไฟฟ้า) 3000

swimsuit(n: swimsuit pl swimsuits; Chiefly U.S.A.) Special clothing that people wear for swimming; also called bathing suit or swimming costume. (ชุดว่ายน้ำ) 10000

wind(v: wind, winds, wound, winding) 1. [of a road,path or river] To follow a series of curves and turns; to twist and turn. (คดเคี้ยว) 2. To wrap something [such as a string or rope] around something else. (พัน) 4000

wrist(n: wrist pl wrists) The part of your body where your hand joins your arm. (ข้อมือ) 3000

A 25 minute version of the story from the original ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ TV Series. This was episode 15 of Season 5. To watch online, click here. To download the mp4, click here.
A 24 minute film from the ‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ British television series, with personal introduction by Roald Dahl. This is episode 1 of Season 1. Of the three films presented here, this one is closest to the original plot. To watch online, click here. To download the mp4, click here.
A 25 minute segment from a TV movie made to introduce the ‘New Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ TV Series. To watch online, click here. To download the mp4, click here.

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