The Moonlit Road

the moonlit roadIt will soon be again, so here is another famous ghost story. In this one by Ambrose Bierce, a rich man has a loving wife who he doesn’t trust. He sets a trap that leads to her murder, and her unfortunate ghost accidentally sets off events that ruin the lives of both the rich man and their only son.

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The words and expressions in our Pre-Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1200 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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halloween(n: Halloween pl Halloweens) A festival celebrated on October 31 each year in the United States, Canada, and the Britain where children go to houses dressed up as ghosts, witches, monsters, etc. and ask for candy. 7000

crime(n: crime pl crimes) An act that is against the law and for which someone can be punished by the government. 2000
(n: criminal pl criminals) A person who does something that is against the law; a person who commits a crime. 2000

evil(n: evil, noncount) The force of things that are morally bad. He believed that the world was full of evil.
(n: evil pl evils) Something that is harmful or causes injury to someone. They were talking about the evils of alcohol.
(adj: evil, eviler, evilest) Very bad; wicked; sinful. 3000

fear(n: fear pl fears) A feeling of being scared or worried about something dangerous or unpleasant that could happen. Unable to walk the streets without fear of being robbed. Employees expressed fears that the company would go out of business.
(n: fear, noncount) A feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful. Fear of God. 2000

gentle(adj: gentle) 1. [of people] Behaving, talking etc in a soft, kind, pleasant way. The doctor was very gentle. 2. Not strong or rough. A gentle wind. 3. [of hills] Rising gradually. A gentle slope
(adv: gently) In a gentle way. 3000

graveyard(n: graveyard pl graveyards) A piece of ground where the bodies of dead people are buried; a cemetery. 5000

jealous(adj: jealous) 1. Feeling or showing that you want to be like another person or have something that another person has; envy. 2. Feeling or showing unhappiness or anger because you think that someone you love [such as your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.] likes or is liked by someone else. 4000

(n: Jr or Jnr) 1. Abbreviation for Junior. 2. An extra word in the name, given to a boy who has the same first name as his father. 3000

(adj: medium) Middle or average in size, quality etc. Would you like a small, medium or large drink?
(n: medium pl mediums) A person who claims to be able to communicate with the spirits of dead people. 3000

memory(n: memory pl memories) Something from the past that is remembered. 2000

moonlit(adj: moonlit) Lighted by the moon.

murder(n: murder pl murders) The crime of deliberately killing a person. 2000

pain(n: pain pl pains) The physical feeling caused by sickness, injury, or mental or emotional hurt. He felt a sharp pain in his back. It caused him pain to talk about his wife's death.)
(adj: painful; painless) Causing pain. A painful injury.; Without pain. Painless childbirth. 2000

pray(v: pray, prays, prayed, praying) 1. To speak to God or someone or something that has special powers in order to express thanks or ask for something. 2. To hope or wish very much for something to happen.
(n: prayer; pl prayers) The words spoken to God when you give thanks or ask for something. 2000

punish(v: punish, punishes, punished, punishing) To make someone suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong.
(n: punishment pl punishments) The act or way of making someone suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong. 3000

secret(adj: secret) Kept hidden from others; known to only a few people.
(n: secret pl secrets) A fact or piece of information that is kept hidden from other people. Their marriage is a secret. 2000

servant(n: servant pl servants) Someone who is hired to do household or personal duties [such as cleaning and cooking]. 1000

shadow(n: shadow pl shadows) A dark shape on the ground, a wall, etc. caused by an object blocking the light. 3000

shake(v: shake, shakes, shook, shaken, shaking) To move back and forth or up and down with short, quick movements. 2000

strangle(v: strangle, strangles, strangled, strangling) To kill (a person or animal) by squeezing the throat. (ฆ่าโดยการบีบคอ) 6000

tense(adj: tense, tenser, tensest) Nervous and not able to relax. (ตึงเครียด)
(n: tense pl tenses) In English grammar, a form of a verb that shows the time of its action in relation to the time of speaking. (กาล) 3000

terror(n: terror, noncount) A very strong feeling of fear. The sound of guns being fired fills me with terror. There was a look of terror on her face. (ความหวาดกลัว) 4000
(adj: terrified) Very scared or afraid; filled with terror. (ทำให้น่ากลัวมาก) 3000

throat(n: throat pl throats) 1. The front part of the neck. (คอ) 2. The back part of the mouth connecting the openings of the stomach, lungs and nose. (ช่องคอ) 3000

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