The Chosen Vessel

swagman on roadThis story by Barbara Baynton paints a graphic picture of the isolation and dangers faced by women living in Australia during the 19th century. A woman whose husband is away working is visited by a traveling swagman. She does not like the way he looks at her, and decides to lock herself and her baby in their house. The man does not get inside, but still gets what he wants.

Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Help / Exercises

The words and expressions in our Pre-Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1200 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

Intermediate Vocabulary Help / Exercises

The words and expressions in our Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1800 word list are: , , brooch, calf, candle, , , creek, creep, crow, , , lamb, , sake, , , swagman, swell, tobacco, , and .

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outback(n: outback, noncount) The country areas in Australia a long way away from the coast and cities. (ชนบท) 13000

breast(n: breast pl breasts) Either one of the two soft parts on a woman's chest that produce milk when she has a baby. 3000

brooch(n: brooch pl brooches; also broach pl broaches) A decoration, especially for a woman's dress, fastened by a pin. She wore a brooch on the collar of her dress. 7000

calf(n: calf pl calves) The young of various large animals such as cow, elephant, whale etc. 5000

candle(n: candle pl candles) Wax that has been formed into a stick or another shape and has a string in the middle that can be burned to give light. 3000

creek(n: creek pl creeks) A small stream. 10000

creep(v: creep, creeps, crept, creeping} To move slowly, quietly or secretly. 3000

crow(n: crow pl crows) 1. A kind of large (usually black) bird. 2. The cry of a rooster. 5000

election(n: election pl elections) The act or process of choosing someone for a public office by voting. 1000

fear(n: fear plural fears) 1. A feeling of being scared or worried about something dangerous or unpleasant that could happen. Unable to walk the streets without fear of being robbed. Employees expressed fears that the company would go out of business. 2. [noncount] A feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful. Fear of God. 2000

heaven(n: heaven, singular) In some religions, the place where God or the gods live, and where good people go when they die. Also known as 'Paradise'. (สวรรค์) 2000
(n: heavens) Used informally by itself or in phrases to make a statement or question more forceful or to express surprise, etc. “Have you ever to prison?” “Heavens, no!”; Good heavens! Have you won the lottery again?; Heaven's above, I haven't seen you in years. (คำพูดเมื่อประหลาดใจ)

lamb(n: lamb pl lambs) 1. A young sheep. The ewe has had three lambs (ลูกแกะ) 2. (noncount) The meat of a young sheep eaten as food. A roast leg of lamb. (เนื้อแกะ) 3. A lovable or gentle person, usually used to talk about a child. The poor lamb. (ไร้พิษภัย) 3000

murder(n: murder pl murders) The crime of deliberately killing a person. (การฆาตกรรม) 2000

pray(v: pray, prays, prayed, praying) 1. To speak to God or someone or something that has special powers in order to express thanks or ask for something. 2. To hope or wish very much for something to happen. (สวดมนต์) 2000
(n: prayer; pl prayers) The words spoken to God when you give thanks or ask for something. (การสวดมนต์; การภาวนา) 2000

priest(n: priest pl priests) A man who leads people in the worship of a god or group of gods; a man who leads or performs religious ceremonies. (นักบวช) 4000

(n: sake pl sakes) The benefit or interest of someone or something. Used in phrases with 'for' to say that something is done to help a particular person or thing (e.g. We must do it for the sake of our country). (เป็นประโยชน์)
(interj) Used in phrases with 'for' to express anger, annoyance, surprise, etc. (e.g. For God's sake! For goodness sake! For Heaven's sake! ) 2000

scream(v: scream, screams, screamed, screaming) 1. To suddenly cry out in a loud and high voice because of fear, pain, surprise, etc. 2. To say something in a loud and high voice because you are angry, afraid, etc. (กรีดร้อง) 3000

shadow(n: shadow pl shadows) A dark shape on the ground, a wall, etc. caused by an object blocking the light. (เงา) 3000

spade(n: spade pl spades) A tool with a metal blade attached to a long handle, used for digging. (พลั่ว) 4000

swagman(n: swagman pl swagmen) In Australia, a usually poor or homeless man who travels around looking for work carrying his personal possessions in a 'swag'.
(n: swag pl swags) A bundle containing a person's food and belongings, often wrapped up in a blanket for carrying. (ห่อสัมภาระ) 12000

swell(v: swell, swells, swelled, swelled or swollen, swelling) To make or become larger, greater or thicker. The insect-bite made her finger swell. (ทำให้บวม) 4000

tobacco(n: tobacco, noncount) [a plant that produces] Leaves which are dried and chewed or smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc. (ยาสูบ)
(n: tobacconist pl tobacconists) A person who sells tobacco, cigarettes etc. (พ่อค้าขายผลิตภัณฑ์ประเภทยาสูบ) 4000

vote(v: vote, votes, voted, voting) To make an official choice for or against someone or something by casting a ballot, raising your hand, speaking your choice aloud, etc. The people will vote today to choose the new governor. (ลงคะแนน) 1000

aloud(adv: aloud) In a way that can be clearly heard. 7000

bolt(n: bolt pl bolts) A sliding bar that is used to lock a door or window. 3000

(n: coward pl cowards) Someone who is too afraid to do what is right or expected; someone who is not at all brave or courageous. I am such a coward - I hate going to the dentist. 7000
(adj: cowardly) Used to describe a coward or something that a coward does or might do.

(n: crack pl cracks) 1. A split or break in something that creates lines in its surface but does not separate it into pieces. (รอยแตก) 2. A sudden loud, sharp sound, such as when ice breaks or lightning strikes. (เสียงแตกเปรี้ยง)
(v: crack, cracks, cracked, cracking) 1. To make or cause a crack in something. The mirror cracked when she dropped it. (แตกร้าว) 2. To hit or press (something) so hard that it breaks apart or opens suddenly. He cracked open the eggs. (กะเทาะออก) 3. [of a voice] To change sharply in tone or pitch, especially because of strong emotion. Her voice cracked as she told them about the accident. 2000

cracked cup cracking eggs

dingo(n: dingo pl dingoes) A type of wild dog found in Australia.

growl(v: growl, growls, growled, growling) To make a long deep rough sound like an angry dog. (คำราม) 6000

punish(v: punish, punishes, punished, punishing) To make (someone) suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong. (ลงอาญา)
(n: punishment pl punishments) The act or way of making (someone) suffer for a crime or for something done that is wrong. (การลงโทษ) 3000

shear(v: shear, shears, sheared, sheared or shorn, shearing) To cut the hair, wool, etc. off an animal. The farmer sheared the wool off the sheep. (ตัดขน) 5000
(n: shearer pl shearers) A skilled worker who shears the wool off of sheep or other animals.

spade(n: spade pl spades) A tool with a metal blade attached to a long handle, used for digging. (พลั่ว) 4000

tremble(v: tremble, trembles, trembled, trembling) To shake slightly [move back and forth with short, quick movements] because you are afraid, nervous, excited, etc. (สั่น) 7000

veranda(n: veranda or verandah pl verandas or verandahs) A long, open structure on the outside of a building that has a roof. Called a 'porch' in the U.S.A. (ระเบียง) 7000

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