The Doll’s House

a doll's houseThis story by Katherine Mansfield is about beautiful toy doll’s house that is given to the girls of one of the leading families in a small town. All but two of the other girls in the town are invited to see it. The excluded girls are treated cruelly because of their mother’s lowly job.

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The words and expressions in our Pre-Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1200 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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breathe(v: breathe, breathes, breathed, breathing) To move air into and out of your lungs; to inhale and exhale. He was breathing hard from running.
(phrasal verb: breathe deeply) To take a lot of air into your lungs. 3000

chimney(n: chimney pl chimneys) A part of a building through which smoke rises into the outside air. 3000

courtyard(n: courtyard pl courtyards) An area of open space wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings. 7000

dine(v: dine, dines, dined, dining) To eat dinner; to have the main meal of the day. 3000
(n: dining room) A room in a house used mainly for eating in.
(n: dining table) A table around which people sit to eat.

embarrass(v: embarrass, embarrasses, embarrassed, embarrassing) To make (a person, group, government, etc.) feel foolish, self-conscious or ashamed about something. 2000

feather(n: feather pl feathers) One of the things that grow from a bird's skin that form the covering of its body. 3000

frame(n: frame pl frames) 1. An open structure that holds something [such as glass or a picture] in place. 2. A hard main structure around which something is built or made, such as the wooden frame of a house or the steel frame of an airplane. 2000

globe(n: globe pl globes) 1. [usually with the] Earth. I've traveled to all parts of the globe. 2. A ball with a map of the Earth on it. 3. An object shaped like a ball. 4. A round container, especially a glass cover for a light bulb. 4000

jug(n: jug pl jugs) A deep container for liquids, usually with a handle and a shaped lip for pouring. He put a jug of milk on the table. 3000

nod(v: nod, nods, nodded, nodding) 1. To move your head up and down as a way of answering 'yes' or of showing agreement, understanding, or approval. 2. To move your head up and down as a signal to someone or as a way of saying hello or goodbye to someone. 3000

perfect(adj: perfect) 1. Excellent; having no mistakes. He spoke perfect English. 2. Exact; accurate. The painting was a perfect copy of the original. 3. Very great; complete. A perfect stranger.
(adv: perfectly) 1. Done without mistakes. She performed the dance perfectly. 2. Very; completely. He was perfectly happy. 1000

pocket-knife(n: pocket-knife pl pocket-knives) A knife with one or more blades that fold into the handle so that it can be carried in the pocket. Also known as a 'jack-knife' or 'pen-knife'. 10000

proud(adj: proud, prouder, proudest) 1. Feeling very pleased because of something you have done or own, someone you know, etc. She felt proud as she watched her daughter graduate. 2. Having a too high opinion of oneself; arrogant. She was too proud to talk to us. 2000
(n: pride, noncount) A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one's achievements, possessions, family etc. She watched with pride as her daughter graduated. 3000

rare(adj: rare, rarer, rarest) 1. Not done, seen, or happening etc very often; not common or usual. A rare animal/flower/occurrence. 2. [of meat] Only slightly cooked. I like my steak rare.
(adv: rarely) Not often. I rarely go to bed before midnight. 2000

servant(n: servant pl servants) Someone who is hired to do household or personal duties [such as cleaning and cooking]. 1000

shame(n: shame, noncount) 1. A feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness because you have failed at something or done something wrong or foolish. 2. Something that causes such a feeling; a pity.
(adj: shameful) Something so bad that someone should feel shame because of it.
(adj: shameless) Having done something shameful without feeling shame. 2000

shake your head(idiom: shake your head) To turn your head from side to side as a way of answering “no” or of showing disagreement or that you will not do something.

silence(n: silence, noncount) 1. A period of time when there is no sound. The teacher asked for silence in the room. I find it hard to sleep unless there is complete silence.
(adj: silent) Used to describe someone or something that is not making noise.
(adv: silently) In a silent way. 3000

(v: skip, skips, skipped, skipping) 1. To move forward in a happy or playful way by taking short, quick steps and jumps. (กระโดด) 2. To jump over a rope that is being turned under the feet and over the head as a children's game or for exercise. (กระโดดเชือก) 3000

skipping girl skipping rope

sleeve(n: sleeve pl sleeves) The part of a shirt, jacket, etc., that covers all or part of your arm. (แขนเสื้อ) 3000

spots< (n: spot pl spots) A small mark of a different color from its background. (จุด) 2000

stove(n: stove pl stoves) A flat piece of kitchen equipment used for cooking on. She put the pot on the stove over medium heat. (เตาไฟ) 5000
Often set above an oven [a closed box-like space which is heated for baking or roasting food]. (เตาอบ) 3000

swing(v: swing, swings, swung, swinging) 1. To move backward and forward or from side to side while hanging from something. The children were swinging on a rope hanging from a tree. 2. To (cause to) move or sway in a curve (from side to side, forwards and backwards or up and down) from a fixed point. You swing your arms when you walk. The gate swung open. (แกว่ง) 3000

(n: washerwoman pl washerwomen) A woman who goes about from house to house collecting clothes that she will take home to wash and dry.

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