The (Diamond) Necklace

the diamond necklaceThis story by Guy de Maupassant is about a beautiful woman who is not happy with her position in life. She has a loving husband with a secure government job, but in her eyes he is just a “little” clerk. They have enough money to hire a girl to do the harder housework for her, but she dreams of being admired by richer and more important men. An invitation to a ball and borrowed necklace lead to ten miserable years in which she learns not only how lucky she was, but also what it means to be very poor.

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The words and expressions in our Pre-Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1200 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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attention(n: attention pl attentions) 1. Notice, interest, or awareness. She likes all the attention she is getting from the press. 2. Special care or treatment. That cut needs urgent attention. 1000

cab(n: cab pl cabs) 1. (especially American) A taxi (also taxicab); in the days before taxis, a one-horse vehicle that people hired. I went home by cab. 2. The part of a truck, tractor, etc. in which the driver sits. 4000

clasp(n: clasp pl clasps) Something used for holding objects or parts of something (such as a purse, necklace, etc.) together. 10000

diamond(n: diamond pl diamonds) A very hard, usually colorless, precious stone; used especially in expensive jewelry. 4000

envelope(n: envelope pl envelopes) A thin, flat wrapper or cover, especially for a letter, card, etc. The letter arrived in a long envelope. 3000

exact(adj: exact) 1. Very careful and accurate. Please make sure it is the exact size we need. 2. Fully and completely correct or accurate. Those were his exact words.
(adv: exactly) In an exact way or manner. 1000

fingernail(n: fingernail pl fingernails) The thin, hard covering that grows on the top end of each finger. 9000

franc(n: franc pl francs) A unit of money that is used in some countries where French is spoken and was used in France and some other European countries before the Euro. 6000

garbage(n: garbage, noncount) Things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been or are being been thrown out. After the concert, there was garbage all over the park.
(n: garbage pl garbages) The container where people put garbage before it is taken away [also called a garbage bin, garbage can or dustbin]. Throw those bottles in the garbage. 6000

horror(n: horror pl horrors) 1. A very strong feeling of fear or dislike. 2. A disagreeable person or thing. Her little boy is an absolute horror. 3000
(adj:ˈhorrible) 1. Causing horror; frightening; dreadful. A horrible sight. 2. Very bad or unpleasant. What a horrible day! 2000

housework(n: housework, noncount) Work [such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry] that is done to keep a house clean and running properly. I got up early and did some housework. 5000

imagine(v: imagine, imagines, imagined, imagining) 1. To form a picture of something in your mind that is not there or not real. I can imagine how you felt. 2. To see or hear etc something which is not true or does not exist. There is no-one there. You're just imagining things! 3. To think; to suppose. I imagine that he will be late. 1000

invite(v: invite, invites, invited, inviting) 1. To ask a person politely to come somewhere. They have invited us to dinner tomorrow. 2. To ask a person politely to do something. He was invited to speak at the meeting. 3. To ask for another person's suggestions etc. He invited comments from the audience.
(n: invitation pl invitations) A request to come or go somewhere. 2000

jealous(adj: jealous) 1. Feeling or showing that you want to be like another person or have something that another person has; envy. 2. Feeling or showing unhappiness or anger because you think that someone you love [such as your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.] likes or is liked by someone else. 4000

jewel(n: jewel pl jewels) A precious stone (such as a diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire) that has been cut and polished.
(n: jewels, plural) An ornament or pieces of jewelry containing a precious stone or stones. She loved dressing up in her jewels.
(adj: jeweled or jewelled) Covered in jewels. 3000

jewelry(n: jewelry, noncount; British jewellery) Decorative objects [rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.] that people wear on their body.
(n: jeweler pl jewelers; British jeweller) A person that makes, repairs, or sells jewelry. 3000

madame(n: madame pl mesdames) Used like 'Mrs' as a title for a married Frenchwoman. 6000

mistake(n: mistake pl mistakes) Something that is not correct; a wrong action, statement, or judgment; an error.
(adj: mistaken) Not correct; incorrect or wrong. I may be mistaken, but I think we've met before. 2000

necklace(n: necklace pl necklaces) A piece of jewelry that is worn around your neck. 6000

(adv: rather) 1. To a certain extent; slightly; a little. 2. Preferably; used to indicate what you want or prefer to do, have, etc. 1000

reply(v: reply, replies, replied, replying) To say, write, or do something as an answer or response. She replied that she had never been to London.
(n: reply pl replies) Something said, written, or done as an answer or response. I'll write a reply to his letter. 2000

reward(n: reward pl rewards) A benefit that someone gets or is offered for doing good work, good behavior etc. 3000

servant(n: servant pl servants) Someone who is hired to do household or personal duties [such as cleaning and cooking]. 1000

shiver(v: shiver, shivers, shivered, shivering) To move back and forth or from side to side slightly because you are cold, afraid, etc. 5000

thief(n: thief pl thieves) Someone who takes (something) from the owner in a way that is wrong or against the law; a robber. The thief got away with all my money. (ขโมย) 3000

worth(prep: worth) Used to indicate the value of something. (มูลค่า) 1000

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