The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

the secret life of walter mittyWalter Mitty, the character created by James Thurber, could be said to be the world’s best known er. He is the subject of two movies, several radio plays and a successful musical. The story’s main character is a , , man who leads a boring an life. The poor guy also has to put up with a , ging wife. His way of dealing with this life without going is to escape whenever he can into imaginary worlds where he does ic things.

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The words and expressions in our Pre-Intermediate level Simplified English story which are not in our 1200 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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(n: daydream pl daydreams) Pleasant thoughts about your life or future that you have while you are awake. 10000
(n: daydreamer pl daydreamers) Someone who daydreams a lot.

(adj: meek, meeker, meekest) Having or showing a quiet and gentle nature; not wanting to fight or argue with other people. 10000

(adj: middle-aged) Of or relating to middle age; the period in a person's life from about age 45 to about age 65.

suburb(n: suburb pl suburbs) An area of houses located outside a central city area from which many people travel each day to work in the city. (ชานเมือง)
(adj: suburban) Of or from the suburbs. (นอกเมือง) 5000

(adj: dominating) Someone or something that has or likes to have control or exercise power over others. 3000

nag(v: nag, nags, nagged, nagging) To annoy someone by often complaining about his or her behavior, appearance, etc.
(n: nag pl nags) A horse that is old and usually in bad condition. 6000

crazy(adj: crazy, crazier, craziest) 1. Mentally ill; affected with madness or insanity. 2. Very foolish or unreasonable. 3000

hero(n: hero pl heroes) A person admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Although the term 'hero' is now commonly used to refer to both men and women, it strictly should used only for men. The word for a woman who is admired for being brave is 'heroine'.
(adj: heroic) Used to describe a hero or the brave acts that heroes do. 3000

aim(v: aim, aims, aimed, aiming) 1. To have a specified goal or purpose. 2. To point or direct something (such as a weapon, ball, camera, etc) at a target. 2000

anesthetic(n:anesthetic pl anesthetics) A drug that causes a person to lose feeling and to feel no pain in part or all of the body.

(n: bark pl barks) 1. The outer covering of a tree. 2. The loud sound made by a dog when it is angry or excited.
(v: bark, barks, barked, barking) 1. To make a loud sound like that made by a dog when it is angry or excited. The dog barked at the stranger. 2. To shout or say (something) in a loud and angry way. The captain barked orders to his men. 5000

tree bark barking dog

bomb(n: bomb pl bombs) A device that is designed to explode in order to injure or kill people or to damage or destroy property.
(n: bomber pl bombers) 1. A person who bombs. 2. A military airplane built for dropping bombs.
(v: bomb, bombs, bombed, bombing) To attack a place or people with a bomb or bombs.2000

brandy(n: brandy pl brandies) A strong alcoholic drink made from wine. 5000

cannon(n: cannon pl cannons) A large gun that can shoot over a great distance. 6000

captain(n: captain pl captains) 1. A person who is in charge of a ship, an aircraft, or a group of soldiers. 2. The leader of a team or club. 3000

drugstore(n: drugstore pl drugstores) A shop that sells medicines and various other products such as newspapers, candy, soap, etc. 3000

exitt(n: exit pl exits) Something [such as a door] that is used as a way to go out of a place. 3000

(n: garage pl garages) 1. A building or part of a building in which a car, truck, etc., is kept. The house has a two-car garage. 2. A shop where vehicles are repaired, and often petrol, oil etc is sold. My car was making a strange noise, so I took it to a garage. 2000
In some countries, a garage that sells petrol, etc may also be called a service station or filling station.

house-garage service-station

grocery(n: grocery pl groceries) A store that sells food and household items. Originally, grocery stores only sold 'dry goods' (food that came in tins, packets, jars, boxes, etc). In modern times, they have developed into supermarkets which sell many more things such as drinks, frozen food, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. 4000
(n: grocer pl grocers) A person who works in a grocery. 6000

hell(n: Hell, singular) The place where, according to some religions, the devil lives and evil people go after they die.
(n: hell; noncount) A very difficult or unpleasant situation or experience. I left the job because the boss made my life hell. 1000

(n: lieutenant pl lieutenants) A junior officer in the army, navy, or air force; an officer in a fire or police department who has a rank below a captain. 6000

navy(n: navy pl navies) A country's warships and the people who work in and with them. 4000

nerves(n: nerves, noncount) The medical condition known today as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), characterized by uncontrollable and often unnecessary worry about common occurrences and situations. 2000

pour(v: pour, pours, poured, pouring) 1. To [cause to] flow in a steady stream. She poured the milk into a bowl. Water poured down the wall. People were pouring out of the factory. 2. [only with 'it' as subject] To rain heavily. It was pouring this morning. 2000

proud(adj: proud, prouder, proudest) 1. Feeling very pleased because of something you have done or own, someone you know, etc. She felt proud as she watched her daughter graduate. 2. Having a too high opinion of oneself; arrogant. She was too proud to talk to us. 2000
(n: pride, noncount) A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one's achievements, possessions, family etc. She watched with pride as her daughter graduated. 3000

pup(n: pup pl pups) A young dog, especially one less than a year old [also called a puppy]; a young animal of certain other species [such as seals]. 5000

seaplane(n: seaplane pl seaplanes) An airplane that can take off from and land on water.

sergeant(n: sergeant pl sergeants) In the army or police force, the highest position before becoming an officer.
(n: sergeant major pl sergeant majors or sergeants major) The highest rank of sergeant. 3000

shelter(n: shelter pl shelters) A structure that covers or protects people or things against wind, rain, danger etc. 3000

sling(n: sling pl slings) A type of bandage hanging from the neck or shoulders to support an injured arm. (แถบผ้าคล้องคอสำหรับแขวนมือหรือแขนที่บาดเจ็บ) 4000

target(n: target pl targets) An object at which shots, bombs etc are directed. (เป้า) 2000

temperature(n: temperature pl temperatures) A measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is; a measurement in degrees showing the heat of something (such as air or water). (อุณหภูมิ) 2000
(v: take someone's temperature) [idiom] To measure the person's body heat, using a thermometer. (วัดอุณหภูมิ)

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