The Twelve Months

the twelve monthsThis is another “Cinderella style” story. However, there are some interesting differences compared to similar s. Instead of a helpful , she is assisted by the Gods of the twelve months of the year. And the story doesn’t end with her marrying a handsome prince and living an easy life in a palace. She falls in love with a kind man and the two of them have a happy and peaceful life together taking care of her family farm. As nice as it seems, this is not what most people would call a “” ending!

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(adj: Slavic) Of the people of eastern Europe and Asian Russia who speak a Slavonic language. (เกี่ยวกับชาวสลาฟ) 12000

folktale(n: folktale pl folktales) A story that is part of the traditions of a group of people and was handed down in spoken form before books and printing. 9000

version(n: version pl versions) 1. A story or description that is different in some way from another person's story or description. The boy gave his version of what had happened. (เรื่องราว) 2. A form of something (such as a product) that is different in some way from other forms. A new version of the software should be available soon. (รุ่น) 2000

fairy(n: fairy pl fairies) An imaginary creature having magical powers. (นางฟ้า) 4000
In early literature, fairies could change themselves into any form. Thanks to Walt Disney, most people today think that they all look like the picture on the left.

(n: fairytale pl fairytales) A children's story that has people or creatures in it with magical powers. 14000
(n: fairy pl fairies) An imaginary creature having magical powers. 4000
(n: tale pl tales) A story about real or imaginary events; an exciting or dramatic story that may not be completely true.