The Chosen Vessel

swagman on roadThis story by Barbara Baynton is culturally important in that it paints a graphic picture of the isolation and dangers faced by women living in the Australian “” during the 19th century. A woman whose husband is away working is visited by a traveling . She does not like the way he looks at her, and decides to lock herself and her baby in their house. The man does not get inside, but still gets the better of her.

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outback(n: outback, noncount) The country areas in Australia a long way away from the coast and cities. 13000

swagman(n: swagman pl swagmen) In Australia, a usually poor or homeless man who travels around looking for work carrying his personal possessions in a 'swag'.
(n: swag pl swags) A bundle containing a person's food and belongings, often wrapped up in a blanket to make it easy to carry. 12000