The Last Night of the World

last night of the worldThis story by Ray Bradbury opens with a question: “What would you do if you knew this was the last night of the world?” A happily married American couple learn that the world is going to end sometime during the coming night. They decide that the best thing to do is accept the fact and go through their evening routines as usual. They even manage to share a joke and go to bed laughing. What would you do?

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The Veldt

the veldtAlthough written over 60 years ago, the “The Veldt” by science fiction writer Ray Bradbury raises some interesting points about how we live our lives today. After reading the story, stop and ask yourself how many people you know seem to be building their whole lives around Facebook, YouTube and their computer or i-whatever; just like the children and their high technology play room in Bradbury’s HappyLife home. So how about we all turn off our computers, get up, and go outside and do something different with family or friends.

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A Sound of Thunder

a sound of thunderThis story by Ray Bradbury is one of the most popular Science Fiction stories of all time. What is the most dangerous thing about time travel in the distant past? According to this story, it is not being eaten by a dinosaur but doing some small thing that may change the future. In the story five men travel back in time to kill a T-Rex. One of them s when he sees the huge monster and steps off a specially prepared path. Because of this, they return to a very different world. The last thing the man hears is a sound of thunder.

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