The Story of an Hour

story of an hourThis famous story by Kate Chopin got a lot of good and bad comments when it was first published. It supported equality for women in what was then a male controlled world by saying that a wife could feel “free, free, free” and have a look of “ in her eyes” after thinking for an hour about her husband’s death. It was a good thing that the decided to have the poor woman die at the end of the story from “joy that kills”. One has suggested that the story would not have been published if the woman had then lived happily ever after.

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triumph(n: triumph pl triumphs) 1. A great victory or success. (ชัยชนะ) 2. The very happy and joyful feeling that comes from victory or success. (ความยินดีจากชัยชนะ) 5000

author(n: author pl authors) The person who has written something; someone who writes books or stories, especially a person who has written many books or stories. I enjoyed the book, but I can't remember the name of its author. 3000

(n: critic pl critics) Someone, usually an expert, whose job it is to give opinions about books, movies, or other forms of art. 2000