The Magic Ring

the magic ringThe Magic Ring is a fairytale written by English writer Dinah Craik. It is about a good king who listens to bad advice and becomes a selfish and mean ruler. He learns the of his ways and the meaning of the English : “A kind act is always rewarded”.

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(n: error pl errors) Something that is not correct; a wrong action or statement. 3000.
(idiom: error of one's ways) To see, recognize, acknowledge, etc., 'the error of your ways' is to admit that you have been doing something wrong or behaving badly and to stop doing it.

(n: proverb pl proverbs) An old but well-known saying that either gives advice about how people should live, or expresses an idea that is generally thought to be true. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A rolling stone gathers no moss. 6000