The End of Something

the end of somethingThis story by Ernest Hemingway is about change. The lumber town of Hortons Bay dies and falls into ruin when there are no more trees to cut down. But this results in a new beginning as “second growth” forest establishes itself. Nick Adams breaks up with his girlfriend Marjorie because “it isn’t fun anymore”. Will Nick’s new beginning be with another girl, or is his decision to break up because of something else?

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Indian Camp

indian campThis story by Ernest Hemingway tells how a young boy “comes of age” as he witnesses the saving of a woman’s life, the birth of her baby, and the death of her husband… all over the space of just a few hours. A feature of Hemingway’s short stories is that important details are often left unexplained. In this story we come away wondering why the woman’s husband killed himself. Some people suggest that the boy’s Uncle George may have had something to do with it. You can read more about this in our Comments below.

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Hills Like White Elephants

hills like white elephantsThis story by Ernest Hemingway is about a man and woman who have reached a point in their relationship and find it hard to open up and talk about their true feelings. of Hemingway, the couple don’t come out and say what the problem is; he leaves it to readers to work it out for themselves.

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(n: crisis pl crises) A difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. 2000

(adj: typical) Normal for a person, thing, or group; average or usual. (ตามแบบฉบับ) 2000