“War of The Worlds” Radio Play

war of the worldsAs a special Halloween treat, today we are bringing you a Simplified English version of a Radio Play that is said to have frightened over a million people on Halloween , 1938. “War of The Worlds” is perhaps the most famous English Radio Play of all time. Phone lines were as people called police and radio stations. Reports say that thousands took to their cars to try to get away from cities. Was it an accident that so many people were scared? Was it one of the world’s greatest publicity s? Or was there another purpose? Read our story and the information below to find out.

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(n: Eve pl Eves) The day or evening before a special holiday or festival, such as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, etc. 3000

(n: stunt pl stunts) Something (often unusual or spectacular) that is done to get attention or publicity. (การแสดงโลดโผน) 6000

(adj) When talking about phone lines, this means that so many people are trying to reach a number that most cannot get through. (ติดขัด)