The Romance of a Busy Broker

busy brokerThis humorous but rather unlikely story by William Porter, better known by the O. Henry, takes place in a single morning in the office of a busy but forgetful New York stockbroker. It is a bad day on the , and half way through it we are left wondering whether the title of the story might be a clever play on words.

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pen name(n: pen-name pl pen-names) A name used by a writer instead of his or her real name.

stock market(n: stock market pl stock markets) A place where stocks and shares in companies are bought and sold. (ตลาดหุ้น) 8000
Here the words 'stock' and 'share' mean certificates that make the people who buy them part owners of a company and which can be bought, sold, or traded as an investment. (หุ้น) 2000

The Gift of the Magi

gift of the magiHave you ever thought long and hard about what would be the prefect Christmas gift for someone you love? This story by William Porter, better known by the O. Henry, is one of the most famous Christmas stories of all time. It has featured in movies, TV specials, musicals, an opera and several cartoon series. It tells how a poor couple each sell their most valuable possession in order to buy a Christmas present that they feel is good enough for the one they love.

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pen name(n: pen-name pl pen-names) A name used by a writer instead of his or her real name.

A Municipal Report

a municipal reportW. S. Porter, who is better known by the pen-name O. Henry, wrote over 600 short stories. Some s consider “A Report” to be not only his best ever work, but a in the art of short story writing. The involves what happens between the and three main characters: Azalea Adair, a self-educated, gentle lady of the old South; Major Caswell, the husband who treats her badly; and Uncle Caesar, a kind African American man with a royal bearing who tries to help Azalea.

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(n: critic pl critics) Someone, usually an expert, whose job it is to give opinions about books, movies, or other forms of art. 2000

(adj: municipal) To do with a Municipality (a district, town or city able to make its own laws for local government). 7000

masterpiece(n: masterpiece pl masterpieces) A great book, painting, piece of music, movie, etc; one of the best examples of creative or artistic work of its kind. 7000

(n: plot pl plots) The series of events that form the story in a movie, novel, play, etc. 3000

narrator(n: narrator pl narrators) Someone who tells a story; a storyteller. 7000

cruel(adj: cruel, crueler, cruelest) Used to describe: 1. someone who hurts others and does not feel sorry about it; 2. something that causes or helps to cause pain or suffering.
(n: cruelty pl cruelties) 1. Something which causes pain or suffering. 2. The quality or state of being cruel. 3000

The Last Leaf

the last leafThis story by William Porter, better known by the pen-name O. Henry, is one of those rare stories that most readers never forget. Two young women trying to make a name for themselves as artists share an apartment in New York City. One of them becomes very sick, and makes up her mind that she will die when the last leaf falls from an ivy plant growing on the wall opposite her bedroom window. An unlikely figure living in the same building helps to save her. He is an old, alcoholic, failed artist who rarely has a nice word for anyone. However, his act of kindness comes at a very high cost.

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