A Good Man is Hard to Find

a good man is hard to findFlannery O’Connor is a master at coming up with stories in which almost every main character has some kind of flaw. In this story, it is hard to like any of the dysfunctional family of six (except maybe the baby!) as they cruise down Highway 441. When their car overturns into a ditch beside a deserted road, they attract the attention of a crazed killer who calls himself “The Misfit”. As the rest of the family are being murdered, the grandmother tries to convince the Misfit that deep inside he is one of those hard to find men.

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Parker’s Back

parker's backU.S. writer Flannery O’Connor was a deeply religious woman. Many of her stories deal with man’s sometimes violent struggle against, and toward, the power of God. The main character in this story is a simple minded, poorly educated farm worker. He is selfish, doesn’t believe in God, and says that he hates his wife. His one love in life is tattoos, through which he seeks to prove his manhood. After a series of events he learns how important his wife really is to him and almost finds religion. Then his wife, who is a religious bigot, spoils it all. In the process, she may well have ruined both their lives.

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