Donkey Skin

donkey skinThe lessons taught by many s are just as important today as they were hundreds of years ago. Donkey Skin deals with sexual in the form of . A powerful king wants to marry his daughter, as this is the only way he can keep a promise he made to his dying wife. Fortunately, the brave girl and her fairy godmother have other ideas. I find it interesting that the king’s actions are shown to be wrong, but there seems to be no problem with a handsome prince who thinks it is OK to women through key holes.

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(n: folktale pl folktales) A story that is part of the traditions of a group of people and was handed down in spoken form before books and printing. (นิทานชาวบ้าน) 9000
(adj: folk) Of or relating to the traditions of the common people of a country or region. (เกี่ยวกับขนบประเพณีของชาวบ้าน) 2000
(n: tale pl tales) A story about real or imaginary events; an exciting or dramatic story that may not be completely true. (นิทาน) 3000

abuse(v: abuse, abuses, abused, abusing) 1. To treat (a person or animal) in a bad or harmful way. He physically abused his wife. 2. To use or treat (something) wrongly or in a way that causes damage. Alcohol abuse is bad for you. (ใช้ในทางที่ผิด) 3. To attack (someone) in words; to insult or speak roughly to. The fans were abusing the referee. (ข่มเหง) 2000

paternal(adj: paternal) Of or relating to a father. He offered them some paternal [=fatherly] advice. (ที่เหมือนพ่อ) 13000

(n: incest, noncount) Sexual intercourse between people who are too closely related to marry, as between a parent and child or brother and sister. (การร่วมประเวณีระหว่างพี่น้อง) 5000

spy on(phrasal verb: spy on) To watch (someone) secretly. He spies on his neighbors. Have you been spying on me? (เฝ้าดูอย่างลับ ๆ)

Toads and Diamonds

toads and diamondsThis story by Charles Perrault is about a bad-ed, greedy and her two daughters. One girl is ugly, rude and selfish but much loved by her mother. The other girl is beautiful, polite and kind but treated badly. With the help of a fairy, the kind daughter marries a prince and the selfish daughter dies alone in the forest. Readers are left wondering if the fairy’s gift was truly a good one. What kind of life could the girl have with something coming out of her mouth every time she spoke? Also, did the prince really love her or only marry her for her diamonds?

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temper(n: temper, singular) The way that a person is feeling at a particular time; mood. He is in a pleasant/bad temper. (อารมณ์) 3000
(v: lose one's temper) [idiom] To suddenly get angry about something. (โกรธ)
(adj: bad-tempered) Someone who easily gets angry when things don't happen as they want.

widow(n: widow pl widows) A woman whose husband has died. (แม่ม่าย) 3000

Little Red Riding Hood

red riding hoodWe don’t normally simplify popular children’s stories. An important part of is reading for overall meaning, even if you don’t know all the words. With well-known stories, this may not take place. We are making an exception with this story from the “father” of modern children’s stories Charles Perrault, to show how such stories can change over time. Both the action in the grandmother’s bedroom and the ending were changed by the famous Brothers Grimm to create a more socially acceptable story for children.

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Extensive reading is exactly the same kind of reading that a learner would normally do for enjoyment in their own language – but in English and at a level where he/she can easily understand what they read. It requires reading long conversations and passages in English without using a dictionary. Much as in real life, being able to understand the overall meaning of what you read is more important than understanding every word.