How Suan Became Rich

how suan became richIn this Tagalog folktale from the Philippines a poor man named Suan asks a rich friend if he has a pole so that he can build himself a house. Some adventures begin when Suan’s house turns out to be bigger than that of his friend. In the end, the roles are d and Suan becomes the richest man in town.

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(adj: spare, sparer, sparest) 1. Not needed by you and available to be shared or given to someone else. Do have any spare cash/change? (ว่าง) 2. [of time etc] Available to be used in whatever way you want. He likes to read in his spare time. (ยามว่าง) 2000

(v: reverse, reverses, reversed, reversing) 1. To move backwards or in the opposite direction to normal. He reversed the car into the garage. 2. To put into the opposite position, state, order etc. My mother and I reversed our roles. Now I'm taking care of her. 3. To change a decision, rule etc to the exact opposite. He was originally found guilty, but the High Court reversed the decision. 2000