The Interlopers

the interlopersThe British writer H. H. Munro, also known by the pen-name Saki, is well-known for surprise endings. This story has perhaps the shortest surprise ending of all. It is just a single word, and doesn’t come until the last line of the story. Two families have been fighting for years over the use of a poor piece of forest land. The heads of the families find themselves facing a difficult situation together. This helps them see how silly they have been, and they promise to be friends for life. But just as they are looking forward to a future without fighting, some unexpected visitors spoil it all.

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The Open Window

the open windowThe British writer H. H. Munro, also known by the pen-name Saki, is considered the master of both the very short story and unexpected endings. The Open Window actually takes place around a door and not a window. In the story, a young woman plays a joke on an unfortunate visitor. Most readers also find themselves taken in by the joke. What about you?

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cruel(adj: cruel, crueler, cruelest) Used to describe: 1. someone who hurts others and does not feel sorry about it; 2. something that causes or helps to cause pain or suffering.
(n: cruelty pl cruelties) 1. Something which causes pain or suffering. 2. The quality or state of being cruel. 3000