The Return

the returnIt is month again so today we have a short horror story by Argentinean writer Fernando Sorrentino. At first it reads like a “campfire” horror story about a dead beggar who returns to take revenge on a mean man who accidentally killed him. However, the has cleverly created the character of the narrator so that if readers look a little harder they might question if this is what really happened. After you have read the story, you might like to read our comments below.

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halloween(n: Halloween pl Halloweens) A festival celebrated on October 31 each year in the United States, Canada, and the Britain where children go to houses dressed up as ghosts, witches, monsters, etc. and ask for candy. 7000

(adj: typical) Normal for a person, thing, or group; average or usual. (ตามแบบฉบับ) 2000

author(n: author pl authors) The person who has written something; someone who writes books or stories, especially a person who has written many books or stories. I enjoyed the book, but I can't remember the name of its author. 3000