The Selfish Giant

the selfish giantThe Irish writer Oscar Wilde is known today for his plays (most notably The Importance of Being Earnest), his famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, and his short stories such as “The Canterville Ghost”. He also wrote a number of children’s stories. One of the best known of these is “The Selfish Giant”. The two main s of the story are greed sharing, and Christian love. However, if you look at the story in terms of the of the songs below (taken from the 1971 Video), you will see that the story carries some other important lessons for people of all religions.

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(n: theme pl themes) In literature, a central idea that is communicated in a story. Note that a theme may be an idea that the writer wishes to convey, or another idea that a reader or group of readers interpret into the story. Most themes are implied through the plot rather than stated directly. (หัวข้อ) 4000

(prep: vs; abbreviation for 'versus') Against; used to indicate the two people, teams, etc., that are fighting or competing against each other or two different things, choices, etc., that are being compared or considered. (ต่อสู้กับ) 3000

(n: lyrics, plural) The words of a song. 5000