Yellow Moepels

moepels on a treeIn this story by Herman Bosman a young South African soldier riding off to fight the British promises the girl he is engaged to that he will be home when the fruit are ripe. The girl visits a native witch-doctor who also tells her that her lover will be home when the moepels are yellow… but there is something important that he did not tell her.

Intermediate Vocabulary Help

In addition to the name of the fruit that gives the story its name, the words and expressions in our Simplified English story which are not in our Intermediate Level 1800 word list are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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moepel(n: moepel pl moepels) An Afrikaans word for the Transvaal Red-Milkwood Tree, or its yellow fruit which are sweet and high in vitamin C.

(n: barrel pl barrels) 1. A large, usually wooden container with round sides and flat ends. (ถังใส่ของเหลว) 2. A tube in a gun through which a bullet goes when it is fired. (กระบอก ปืน) 3000

barrels gunbarrel

(n: burgher pl burghers) 1. An old fashioned European term for a person who lives in a particular town. (ชาวเมือง) 2. In South African history, a free citizen of Dutch or German origin who lived in the Cape Colony, the Transvaal or the Orange Free State. Unlike the European meaning, most of the early South African 'burghers' were farmers who lived far from towns.

cattle(n: cattle, noncount) A group of cows, bulls, or steers that are kept on a farm for meat or milk. (วัวควาย) 4000
(n: cattle-dog pl cattle-dogs) A special breed of dog developed in Australia for driving cattle over long distances across rough country.

(n: ceremony pl ceremonies) A formal act that is a part of an important event. (พิธีการ) 5000

(n: elder pl elders) A person who is respected because of age and experience. You should always listen to your elders. (ผู้ใหญ่) 2. A member of a Christian church or other religious organization who is not a priest but who is in a position of authority. (ผู้ดูแลวัด)
(adj: elder, eldest) (usually used only for members of the same family) Older; Oldest. He has three elder sisters. (แก่กว่า) She is the eldest of the four children. (อายุมากที่สุด)
(adj: eldest) Oldest. She is the eldest of the three children.
(adj: elderly) Rather old. An elderly lady. (แก่กว่า)
(n: the elderly) People who are (rather) old. It is important for the elderly to take some exercise. (ผู้คนที่อายุมาก ๆ) 2000

engaged(adj: engaged) Used to describe two people who have promised that they will marry each other at some future time. (มีคู่หมั้น) 2000

(n: grave pl graves) A piece of ground, or the hole dug in it, in which a dead person is buried. (หลุมศพ)
(adj: grave, graver, gravest) To look serious and formal in what you are doing. (ตรึงเครียด) 4000

grave grave look

hut(n: hut pl huts) A small and simple house or building. (กระท่อม) 3000

(n: hymn pl hymns) A religious song; a song of praise to God. (เพลงสวด) 5000

kneel(v: kneel, kneels, knelt, kneeling) To move your body so that one or both of your knees are on the floor. (นั่งคุกเข่า) 5000

(n: lieutenant pl lieutenants) A junior officer in the army, navy, or air force; an officer in a fire or police department who has a rank below a captain. (นายร้อย) 6000

plain(adj: plain, plainer, plainest ) 1. Simply made, with no pattern or decoration. She was wearing plain black shoes. (ธรรมดา) 2. Easy to understand; clear. His words were quite plain. (เข้าใจง่าย) 2000
(n: plain pl plains) A large area of flat land with few if any trees. (ที่ราบ) 11000

rifle(n: rifle pl rifles) A gun that has a long barrel and that is held against your shoulder when you shoot it. (ปืนยาว) 5000

ripe(adj: ripe, riper, ripest) [of fruit, grain, etc] Fully grown and developed and ready to be gathered in or eaten. (สุก) 4000

tobacco(n: tobacco, noncount) [a plant that produces] Leaves which are dried and chewed or smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc. (ยาสูบ)
(n: tobacconist pl tobacconists) A person who sells tobacco, cigarettes etc. (พ่อค้าขายผลิตภัณฑ์ประเภทยาสูบ) 4000

veld(n: veld or veldt pl velds or veltds) Any of the open grass lands of southern Africa. (ทุ่งหญ้า)

victory(n: victory pl victories) Success in beating an opponent or enemy. (ชัยชนะ)
(adj: victorious) Having won a victory. (รบ ชนะ) 3000

wagon(n: wagon pl wagons; British waggon) A four-wheeled vehicle for carrying heavy loads or passengers, usually pulled by animals. (รถสี่ล้อที่มีเครื่องยนต์หรือลากด้วยม้า) 3000

(n: witch-doctor pl witch-doctors) A person who is believed in some cultures to be able to communicate with spirit worlds and use magic spells to cure people who are sick, to tell or control future, etc. (หมอผี) 13000

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